The Tidal Wave

I’m posting this again because the link on the first may not be working now.


We saw something coming a few months ago. We didn’t know what it was, but my dad was acting strange. More strange than usual. He’s a funny guy.

Reckless driving, clumsiness, memory skips. He’s 73 so we expect some sliding. But, this was more.

Then he decided not to drive because he wasn’t safe. He didn’t want to hurt anyone else. That’s my dad. Thoughtful of others.

What we saw coming grew larger in our minds and hearts.

Then, he saw the eye doctor who says he’s lost 50% of his vision. But in a way that means it’s not his eyes. It’s his brain. MRI’s happened so fast we knew this wasn’t good. Doctors rush when it’s bad.

The call back came with a next day neurosurgeon appointment. Something was in his brain besides what was supposed to be there. The tidal wave bore down.

Then it hit.

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2 thoughts on “The Tidal Wave

    1. My dad wants me to write and express my heart and faith. Its almost like I can’t keep from writing. For myself, for my dad who wants others to know the hope he has, for my family, for others who will go through this valley at some point in their lives. Love you, too, my fellow writer.


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