Becoming Childlike

Come to Christ as a child.  Humble yourself like a child.  The kingdom of heaven belongs to those that are like children.  At the behest of a speaker, I’ve pondered the contrast of childish and childlike for almost 2 years now.  I’m pretty sure I recognize childishness.  3 kids roam around my house and occasionally bump into each other “on accident” causing all kinds of clamor.   They seem to do a lot “on accident.”  The kids don’t hold the monopoly on childishness in our home.  But childlike.  I scratch my head.  How do I humble myself to become childlike again?  Was I ever childlike?

Walking into the dark smelly parking garage yesterday I imagined what would need to happen to me to become childlike.  Smoother skin.  Softer hair.  Smaller.  Weaker.  Pailer.   More vulnerable.  Easily awestruck.  Easily hurt.  Naive.  Hopeful.  Dependant.  Secure.  Lacking in tact.  Without guile.  Curious.  Innocent to the ways of the world.  Parts of it sound like a particularly painful spa experience.  The other parts sound…well…impossible.

Stripping away seemed the common theme.  Sloughing off the scars of my sin and others sins against me.  Scraping away things I know that I should not know.  Carving out the abscesses cultivated from unforgiveness.  Releasing the security I make for myself and giving it up in the security of Another.  Wiping the expressions of contempt out of my heart.  Childlike.

Occasionally one of our kids will ask a stumper of a question and then lean across the table and look up at us fully expecting that we know all about jet propulsion and can explain it to him on the spot.  It strikes my heart that I don’t inquire of the Lord the same way.  I don’t tend to ask Him a stumper and then wait around fully expecting Him to know the answer much less give it to me.

Maybe that’s my way to childlike today…to ask God a stumper and look to him wide-eyed with curiosity fully expecting Him to hear, know, and reveal.

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