Speed Limit 19

DSC_0088Something welled up inside me when I saw this sign on a campus a few years ago.  I made my mother stop so I could take a picture.  At first I laughed with a strong scoffing undertone.

It’s ridiculous.  19 miles an hour.  Who knows when they go 19 miles an hour?  Most cars certainly make it hard to know.  How is one to obey this sign?

Then, I got a little miffed.  What’s the point here?  Stay under the speed limit?  Follow the rules…no matter how ridiculous?  What’s going to happen if I go 20 miles per hour?  What will the campus police do? If you read that with a twinge of sarcasm you get my drift.

Honestly, I hope a teacher or administrator paid money to erect this speed limit sign.  I hope it is an object lesson to the state of our hearts.  I hope they stand up in class or in a devotional time and use this sign to point out issues of false morality, grace, Law, law or any of a host of issues that spring to my mind.

If they don’t…well…I think they should.

What comes to your mind when you see this picture?  Or, if you know any background on this sign, I’d love to know it too!

4 thoughts on “Speed Limit 19

  1. Haha….well, the practical reason for this speed limit is that they don’t have to hire as many traffic cops to patrol the campus. (NI, where Nathan worked had the same limit :)).


    1. There very well may be! One friend seemed to think it might have to do with meeting requirements for law enforcement on campuses. Either way, it did make me think. Thank you for visiting. I’m about to go look and see what you are up to on your blog.


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