Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake.  Start salivating.  I’ve never tasted it so I don’t know what I’m missing.  I can’t salivate along with you.  I know just enough about it to know its going to serve as an awesome analogy in a talk I’m preparing.  The topic?  Delving deeper into your personal testimony.

It goes like this, the dry cake is our life.  The gospel is the sweet mixture of milks and sugars I hear get poured over the cake.  Time is what it takes to make a Tres Leches cake good to eat.  Eat it too soon, it’s not so good.  I don’t know what happens if you eat it too late.  I need to research that.  Wait.  Analogies only go so far, I remind myself.  Anyway, the cake by itself is not so tasty.  It’s dry and crumbly and not very sweet the online reviewers say.  But, when the tres leches pours over the cake it becomes a delectable treat…after about 4 hours or a day.

Isn’t spiritual life like a Tres Leches Cake?  So many times I’ve talked about my spiritual life like I’m talking about this cake.  It’s great!  I hear its awesome.  Other people say its to die for!  I’m just sure its good…because other people say so.  It has to be good.  It garnered a full 5 stars.  I stand at a distance because…what if I hate it?  A soggy cake?  Come on people!

Look at my life, I used to think, it’s pretty good.  What do I have to complain about?  My parents aren’t divorced, I trusted Christ young, I never got into drugs or alcohol.  I lived a very, very tame college life.   I have no red-letter mark on my story that says “Counseling Needed And Now!”.  Actually, I’ll have to ask my friends about that.   My life, for a long time, prevented that good Tres Leches from seeping in.  I didn’t put much of the Tres Leches on the cake, it didn’t seep down very far.  I didn’t think I needed as much because my cake looked kind of pretty on the outside but it was just as dry and crumbly as anyone else’s.

Then, I looked a little deeper, I poured a little more of the good stuff on.  I let it sink a little deeper down into those places that don’t make the public testimony.  I call them the “lower-case letter” hurts that don’t really get pulled out and looked at much.  The good stuff sank a little deeper.  The cake got a bit more tender.  When do I get angry?  Why do I get angry?  When am I speechless?  Why am I worried?  The cake got soggy and cried a little bit.  I served it up on a platter with shaking hands when I spoke more and more from my heart and not from the reviews I read or the knowledge I knew.

So, does the cake taste good?  I don’t know.  I’m sure it does sometimes but I know there’s some areas that don’t have the good stuff yet.  Those are the areas I don’t want people to taste, yet, I know I need others to tell me when the cake needs a little more Tres Leches in a particular quadrant.  Who wants dry, crumbly, unsweetened cake?  It’s a crime!

Now, I’m going to go figure out how to make a real Tres Leches cake.  I hear it’s really good.

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