Raising a Captive

Sometimes I think strange “what if” thoughts.   Ideas like if my daughter got captured by an invading army and hauled away to a distant country as an orphan…how would she deal with that?  Sounds like the start of a great Christian historical fiction novel that ends with the boy getting a girl and a ride off into the sunset on a camel.

Who’s to say captivity might not be in the future for my sons either?  The last time we read the story of Joseph an eerie quiet descended on their bedroom as they paid close attention.  I strongly suspect that one, maybe both, of my sons identify way too much with a desire to sell their brother to a band of traders on their way to Africa.

But seriously, what would a girl have to know to be an Esther or what does a boy need to know to be a Joseph?  Or a Daniel?  Or a Nehemiah?  What did their mothers teach them?  What can I pass on to my kids that would give them what they needed to thrive in captivity…real captivity?

So, lately, I’m thinking more and more about whether I know enough of God.  Do I know the true God…the God who allows captivity and works in captivity?  What do I need to know about Him to thrive even in captivity myself?

The things that come to mind comprise the following:  It’s never all lost.  God is always working.  God is not limited to only work in leaders that profess the same faith I do.  God is surprising.  God allows captivity but doesn’t expect me to obey the laws of my captors when they are against His law.  God makes a way when I go before the ones in power with a request close to His heart.  God isn’t bound to spare my life yet He loves me still.  God expects me to serve Him wholeheartedly in my work even if its the lowest of the low.

Right now the lowest of the low is really not that low.  For that I am thankful but there’s still a lot of room to live my life wholeheartedly for Him alone.

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