Surviving My Child’s Flu

My kids don’t have the flu. They have flu-like symptoms. We know this because the stick the nurse stuck up their nose and tickled their brain with came back negative. Either way it’s six days of misery for them and for me, too.IMG_0587-0.JPG

Six days isn’t so bad but this is the second round. My youngest suffered the week of Thanksgiving. I’m going a little batty from all the cabin fever, chicken soup, and rearranged plans.

Today is Monday and I don’t know if I will survive their flu but I have a plan. May the Lord direct my steps.

#1 Stay Sane. I can’t say enough about this first point. Sick kids are a crazy maker if you are anything like me. They are needy, whiny, hurting, sleepless little things.  What really drives me up the wall is my lack of control. Oh, medication does help lower temperatures, and there are myriad ways to alleviate symptoms but, really, we are at the mercy of a one-celled thing.

I am not in control and it pretty much drives me nuts. A quiet time, and probably more than one, is one way I’m going to try to not lose my mind.

Which brings me to my second tip.

#2 Mind My Manners. Yes, this stress of sick kids brings out the needy, whiny, sleepless little me, too. I get cranky and need as much coddling as a prima donna on opening night. My poor husband. When I lose it and start complaining or misbehaving it really affects the family. My kids get the impression they are a nuisance and it’s not ok to get sick. All the while, I’m trying (in my better moments) to remind them everyone gets sick, we are weak sometimes, and its ok. Mixed messages are pretty confusing.

So, today I’m going to try to mind my manners. Griping is verboten…or needs indulging only when I’m locked up in a closet or something. Acceptance of my lot in life this week is my spiritual discipline.

#3 Make it Work Do I usually allow massive amounts of screen time for my children? No. Do I like seeing them watching their fifth hour of TV at 8 am? No. But when their fevers and headaches eliminate most other productive activity I need to get over myself and that image I try to maintain of being a good mom. So, I’m going to loosen up and just make it work. Maybe Minecraft really is educational but even if it’s not, that castle they are building is pretty awesome.

This really just highlights my immaturity. Apparently I believe time is worthily spent only when it produces. Hmm. If I follow that line of thinking, I remove grace from our home. Yikes!

There they are, folks. This is my plan of action this week. As you can see, there are no appointments or goals. This week is about my attitude and my heart and loving my family.

Come to think of it, this can apply to every week!